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I recently completed the process of getting Mom's hearing aids. She was so nervous about it that she backed out of the process a year ago. Well, we showed up again and Jason was as caring and kind as he was the first time. Mom got her hearing aids this time and it was a great experience. She loves them and can't believe how much she was missing without them. Thank you, Jason!

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Shaun Lagueux, on Google

This was a fabulous experience.Everyone was most helpful and everything including the cost was given right up front.All my questions were answered promptly.I use my hearing aids everyday and they certainly have improved my life.My brother-in-law paired them with my phone so I have been enjoying my music again. Thank you

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Ann Fickett, on Google

3 years ago I walked into Hearing Enhancement Centers and met Al and his great staff. After meeting with an Ear Nose & Throat specialist, I knew I needed hearing aids, and Al's was the third place I went to. It was a different experience from the first 2, as I was made to feel comfortable, important, and Al listened to me and my concerns, with no sales pressure to buy anything. He also checked on my insurance and let me know what my costs on several different types of aids that would work for me in different ways. Once I received my hearing aids, Al had me come back from time-to-time to see if they were working well for me and made a couple of very minor adjustments. If the pair of aids that I have ever fails, or should I need an opinion about my hearing, I will definitely be going to Al again.

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mdbeaudoin, on Google

I initiated my search for hearing aids over three years ago after the typical experience that people report as they realize that their ability to comprehend and communicate diminishes. I feel it is important to explain the process which led me to Hearing Enhancement Centers as my hope is that it will help others to benefit from my experience. Not knowing where to start I made an appointment at a business that was near where I live as it advertised substantially. Once there I was impressed with the hearing aids that I tried but when I asked if I could try them for a couple of hours I was quickly informed that I couldn’t leave the building without first giving my credit card information. While I understood the concern of the business owner at the time the experience left me with such an uncomfortable feeling as a customer that I left and never returned. After leaving I received a relentless amount of mail asking me to come back but I never did. My second try was a big box location where I could buy hearing aids for a lot less money which I thought was a great idea at first. However, the harsh reality for me is that I have tinnitus and those hearing aids only amplified the ringing in my ears and I had to quickly return them. My third and fourth stops were at major national advertising brands and suffice it for me to say that my instincts quickly led me to exit both locations as I felt as though I was on a used car lot at both places where the sales pressure tactics were obvious. After leaving both places I received mail for many months trying to convince me to return. My research finally paid off when I found Hearing Enhancement Centers and owner Al Langley. I must admit that when I first met Al I was somewhat guarded given my previous experiences but what Al did that first day and every day since is totally convince me that I was at the best place, dealing with the best people who were promoting the very best products available. What I learned from Al that others never told me is that there are hearing aids that can treat tinnitus. And here is where Al stood head and shoulders above all the others, he explains which brand hearing aid is the best at treating tinnitus and then had me try a specific type at the time. I was amazed at how the hearing aids made the screeching noise in my ears disappear. Here is the most memorable part for me, Al gave the hearing aids and said to go out and try them and to come back a few times within a months time to make any adjustments. During that time Al said that he did not want payment from me until I told him that I was satisfied. I’m in my 60’s and I rarely give recommendations but I can candidly say that I have recommended Hearing Enhancement Centers to my friends and I am doing so to those that I don’t know via this platform and I will continue to do so because what Al Langley has created over the years with his labor of love is quite frankly a business model that is rare commodity in today’s business environment. In a recent conversation with Al there are two things that I believe are the core to his business success, first that he doesn’t advertise because as he says, “If you’re doing things right, you don’t need to advertise,” and secondly when he said that he had no thoughts of retirement because he has loved what he does so much that he feels that has never worked a day in his life. My sincere hope is that the time I have spent writing this review helps others to avoid the pitfalls that are out there and to find the right place for them. Sincerely, Michael J.

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Michael Jones, on Google

Al an his team at HEC have been fantastic. They have worked with me for several years to find the right solutions for my hearing needs, and have customized solutions in every case to help me hear clearly given multiple surgeries, severe tinnitus, and a very active lifestyle. I recommend them highly.

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Thomas Lacey, on Google

Carl at Hearing Enhancement Centers took great care of me from the first evaluation right to delivery of my hearing aids. He explained all about about the hearing aids as they are my first pair and he went over everything step by step on how I can adjust them as the surroundings change . I have been wearing them for 2 weeks now and they are very comfortable and barely noticeable. If your hearing isn’t what you think it should be I recommend you visit Carl at Hearing Enhancement Centers .

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Richard Clough, on Google

We visited Hearing Enhancement Center in Gilford looking for advice for my husband and myself on hearing aids. Although my husband had some hearing loss, he did not need hearing aids at this point. But I did. I was told of the options, made a decision for a thirty day trial and that is where the experience with Heating Enhancement Centers began. I was given a follow up visit in a week and after that two weeks later. One time I sent a message on a Sunday night and got a call back from the owner that night! And it was not an important message. I was listened to each visit, my questions were addressed and explained. I did not feel rushed. They have been in business more than 25 years and have not had one complaint with BBB! That is an impressive record! And now, after having dealt with them for a couple of months I can understand it. We have recommended them to several of our friends and we would not hesitate to keep doing that. We are impressed with their level of care. Even the office manager is caring and helpful! I can't say enough good things about a business that no one really wants to deal with!

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Judi Glidden, on Google

Going to Hearing Enhancement Center and dealing with Al was a fantastic experience. My husband and I found l to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He is very good at taking the time to explain everything thoroughly. He also was not a high pressure salesperson, and went out of his way to help us. My husband went home and can hear things that he hasn’t in years. A great product and an extremely positive day. I will recommend it to everyone I know.

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Kathleen Jenkins, on Google