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Become a Hearing Ambassador

Referral program

Become a Hearing Ambassador

Referral program

Introducing Hearing Enhancement Center's Ambassador Program, a referral program that allows our patients to refer their friends and loved ones for better hearing while earning rewards in the process.

As an Ambassador you will be able to earn money towards future purchases, goods, services and discounts while helping your family and friends to hear you. The Ambassador Program is a way for our company to help stimulate our local economy, say thank you to our valued patients and spread the word about Hearing Enhancement Centers.

Anyone that would like to help others hear better and would like to earn rewards are welcome to join the Ambassador Program. To be considered for the Ambassador rewards, we ask that you complete the Ambassador application and return it to our office.  

No program is complete without a little competition. In February, Hearing Enhancement Center will hold a customer appreciation banquet. At the banquet our top ambassador will be acknowledged with a plaque that will hang in our waiting room for all patients to see and enjoy.

If you have a friend or loved one who may have a hearing loss and want to refer them to us. You can:
  • Come in with them
  • Have them call us for an appointment
  • Give them our free screening certificate with your name on the bottom
  • Give us their information and we can contact them for you

When your friend or loved one schedules an appointment, make sure to inform a staff member you sent them in to guarantee credit is given for the referral.

Hearing Enhancement Center Rewards

1st Referral: $100 hearing aid credit for each instrument purchased by referral. Credit applied after 30 day trial.

2nd Referral: One year of FREE hearing aid batteries.

3rd Referral: Worry Free Warranty. Warranty includes loss, damage, repairs and Hearing Enhancement Center visits for one year.

4th Referral: $500 certificate for the purchase of your next set of hearing aids. Certificate can be used toward the purchase for an immediate family member.

To qualify for the Referral Bonus Program, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • The referral must be a new patient to Hearing Enhancement Centers 
  • The referral must mention your name on their first office visit.  Click here for a copy of our referral form.
  • They must complete their 30-day trial period before you are credited your bonus of $100.
  • Your $100 referral bonus will be credited to your account for a future purchase of hearing aids. 
It's that easy. Simply refer a family member or friend today!